Directors’ note

As the Management Team, we invite you to visit the Aluminium Research Centre (REGAL) website. The Centre provides a constantly evolving overview of research on aluminium in Quebec. REGAL’s strength resides in its ability to bring together expertise of great value covering all fields of research on aluminium in Quebec. REGAL’s various activities and the dynamism of its members mirror our objective of becoming a centre of excellence worldwide. REGAL will allow industry to benefit from its know-how through technological transfer adapted to industry needs; the Centre works in close collaboration with industrial and governmental research groups, as well as transfer centres such as CQRDA and CRIQ.Our researchers are among the most effective in Canada and the world. In this context, the wealth of a country is calculated not only through the quantity and diversity of its natural resources, but also, and most of all, by the way it exploits ideas and innovations, and by the number of research centres and active researchers on hand. Under these terms, Quebec may be increasingly defined as a leader in research on aluminium, achieving this by banking on:

  • national and international networking among researchers;
  • researchers’ and innovators’ skills;
  • advancement and sharing of knowledge;
  • sharing of resources;
  • implementation of a pool of highly qualified workers;
  • an international reputation

Have a nice visit!

Houshang Alamdari

REGAL's director

Daniel Marceau

REGAL's Assistant Director