ÉTS, a constituent of the Université du Québec, is specialized in university education, applied research in engineering and technology transfer. ÉTS trains engineers and researchers, recognized for their practical and innovative approach, and is particularly distinguished by its close ties with the industry, which it helps through its applied research to improve its competitiveness and maintain its competitive position in Canada and internationally. Through its numerous laboratories and research chairs, the ÉTS research professors, and in particular those members of REGAL, conduct research to optimize products, processes, and manufacturing processes by using a multidisciplinary approach twinning mechanical, metallurgical and industrial geniuses.

Research projects by REGAL-ÉTS members cover the transformation of aluminum alloys and aluminum-based composites and include the design, modeling, fabrication, assembly, and characterization of materials and products. Several shaping processes are studied (simulation, testing and optimization):

  • shaping at high temperature (forging, rolling and extrusion)
  • friction welding (FSW)
  • linear friction welding (LFW)
  • fast and environmentally friendly processing and surface treatments (induction, brazing, shot blasting)

Our members

Victor Songmene

REGAL-ÉTS Coordinator

Tan Pham

Regular member

Philippe Bocher

Regular member

Vincent Demers

Regular member

Mohammad jahazi

Scientific leader - Axis 2