Overall, Polytechnique Montréal welcomes the largest number of engineering students in Province of Québec. Its mechanical engineering department has 7 REGAL members, whose 3 of them are regular members. These professors are experts in the design, manufacture, modeling and evaluation of the lifecycle of aluminum structures. Their research activities fall mainly within Axis 2 – Transformation and Applications of the REGAL scientific program.

The multi-scale mechanics laboratory (LM2) is the main research infrastructure used by REGAL researchers and students. This infrastructure has more than 7 mechanical stress systems with different capacities to perform a multitude of tests in a variety of environments.

Aluminum research projects conducted by the professors of Polytechnique Montréal are funded primarily by research and development grants offered by NSERC and sponsored by the Québec Aerospace Research and Innovation Consortium (CRIAQ). The main industrial partners of these projects are obviously companies operating in aeronautics.

Our members

Myriam Brochu

REGAL-EPM Coordinator

Martin Lévesque

Regular member