As a research centre, REGAL channels knowledge and activities, thus creating synergies among Québec’s aluminium researchers. By pooling the resources of the institutions member of REGAL, the Centre can create added-value for its research on aluminium production, transformation and application as well as its derivates.

The REGAL’s mission is to:

  • Train highly-qualified personnel and support knowledge transfer towards industry
  • Create synergies among universities, public institutions and industry
  • Align R&D with the industry’s needs by favouring specific actions with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) while continuing work on fundamental aspects
  • Promote networking with other large aluminium research centres around the world.

 More specifically, the REGAL aims to:

  •  Encourage sustainable development, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote waste management and recycling
  • Increase the energy efficiency of aluminium production processes
  • Improve the quality and performance of alloys in secondary and tertiary processing
  • Develop new materials and transformation processes and increase aluminium applications
  • Design parts and finished products using aluminum in a multi-material environment.

Since its foundation, the REGAL became a center of world-class excellence in research and development in aluminum field. Links have been established with researchers from Australia, China, the United States, France, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Switzerland. Other international collaborations are now about to be developed.