Aluminium concerted action FRQNT : 3 projects

Industry Innovation Media

Three projects were selected as part of the Programme de recherche en partenariat sur la production et la transformation de l’aluminium (first competition). REGAL is proud of the participation of these members in these projects. The FRQNT has recently launched the second program competition (information).

Development of anodized aluminum surfaces with biocidal properties
Responsible : X-Grant Chen (REGAL-UQAC)
Collaborators : D. Sarkar (REGAL-UQAC), G. Soucy (UdeS) & N. Faucheux (UdeS)
Press release (only in French)

Structural optimization in the use of aluminum for road bridges
Responsible : Charles-Darwin Annan (REGAL-UL)
Collaborators : M. Fafard (REGAL-UL) & S. Amira (REGAL-CTR)
Press release (only in French)

Modeling, optimization and automation of shot blasting of aluminum aircraft wing liners
Responsible : Frédérick Gosselin (EPM)
Collaborators : Martin Lévesque (REGAL-EPM) and others
Press release (only in French)