Aluminium concerted action FRQNT : 4 projects

Industry Innovation Research

Four projects were selected as part of the Programme de recherche en partenariat sur la production et la transformation de l’aluminium (2nd competition). REGAL is proud of the participation of these members in these projects.

Access to the details of the official FRQNT announcement

Additive manufacturing of copper aluminum alloy (FA-AAC)
Responsible : Mathieu Brochu (McGill University)
Collaborators : Alexandre Bois-Brochu (CTR), Carl Blais (UL)

Development of 6000 series extrusion alloys for the automotive industry for life protection systems for motorists
Responsible : Nicolas Giguère (CTR)
Collaborators : Bernard Tougas (CTR), Sofiene Amira (CTR), Alexandre Bois-Brochu (CTR), Carl Blais (CTR)

Increase in the productivity of semi-continuous casting of hardening alloys
Responsible : Daniel Larouche (UL)
Collaborator : X-Grant Chen (UQAC)

Sawed anode technology: optimization of the groove for degassing and mechanical behavior of the anode
Responsible : Seyed Mohammad Taghavi (UL)
Collaborators : Houshang Alamdari (UL), Mario Fafard (UL)