Aluminium concerted action FRQNT II: 4 projects


The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL congratulates all the managers and their collaborators whose projects have been selected for funding under the Partnership Research Program on Aluminium Production and Transformation II. This program “is designed to encourage Quebec researchers working in various disciplinary fields to propose innovative research to meet the specific needs of key players in the field of aluminum production and processing.”

Proud of the cooperation among its members, the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL presents below the recipient teams. Note that REGAL members are identified by an asterisk*.

Effect of the bead geometry of laser-welded aluminium extrusion joints on their fatigue behaviour to increase productivity for railway applications
Effet de la géométrie du cordon de joints d’extrusions en aluminium fabriqués par soudage laser sur leur comportement en fatigue afin d’augmenter la productivité pour des applications dans le domaine ferroviaire
Manager project: Philippe Bocher* (ÉTS)
Collaborator: Vincent Demers* (ÉTS)
Company: Bombardier Transportation

Melt Wire Deposition of Aluminium Alloys
Déposition par Fil en Fusion d’Alliages d’Aluminium (DFFAA)
Manager project: Mathieu Brochu* (McGill)

Towards Intelligent Curtain Walls – Developing solutions for the next generation of high performance buildings integrating aluminium in the façade
Vers des murs rideaux intelligents – Développement de solutions pour la prochaine génération de bâtiments hautement performants intégrant l’aluminium dans la façade
Manager project: Louis Gosselin* (Laval University)
Collaborators: François Mathieu-Potvin (UL), André Potvin (UL), Claude Demers (UL) and Nadia Lehoux (UL).
Companies: Kawneer, Robover, Veridis Solutions and AluQuébec.

Development of a predictive model for the study of the behaviour of electrolysis cells in the start-up phase and in service
Développement d’un modèle prédictif pour l’étude du comportement des cellules d’électrolyse en phase de démarrage et en service
Manager project: Daniel Marceau* (UQAC)
Collaborators: Duygu Kocaefe* (UQAC), Mohamed Rachik* (Université de technologie de Compiègne, France) and Gervais Soucy (Université de Sherbrooke)
Companies: Aluminerie Alouette Inc, Laboratoires CIR

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