Award Hommage aux ambassadeurs to Mario Fafard !

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The Cercle des Ambassadeurs of Québec has given to Mario Fafard, director of the Centre de recherche sur l’aluminium – REGAL, the award Hommage aux ambassadeurs for the coming of the 34th ICSOBA Conference & Exhibition in Québec City. This conference focuses on research and practices related to the exploration and exploitation of bauxite, the production of alumina and aluminium. The conference attracted 350 participants from 29 different countries. The Pr Houshang Alamdari, from the Department of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Laval University, REGAL member, was the principal organizer of that conference. The REGAL Students’ Day 2016 was held in conjunction with this conference.

Picture (left to right) : Alain Aubut (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec), André Roy (Office du tourisme de Québec), Mario Fafard (REGAL) and P. Michel Bouchard (Société du Centre des congrès de Québec).