Meeting of the NSERC / Alcoa Industrial Research Chair

Industry Innovation Students

On February 19, an important meeting took place between the members of the NSERC / Alcoa Research Chair on advanced modeling of electrolysis cells and energy efficiency (MACE3) and the industrial part (Alcoa). On the Laval University side, there were 4 professors involved, all REGAL regular members: Mario Fafard (Chairholder), in addition to Houshang Alamdari, Carl Duchesne and Louis Gosselin, all CRSNG-CRD projects holders linked to the theme of the Chair. Twenty-one students members also took part in this meeting, notably by presenting a scientific poster and 5 of them made a long presentation of their work. On the industry side, the presence of Mr. Nik Winjum (VP Aluminium Center of Excellence), Mr. Jean-François Cyr (VP Operation America) and about fifteen other participants. On the agenda, in addition to the student presentations, was a visit to the laboratories.

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Credit photo : Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL