REGAL Students’ day 2016: a success !

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The 13th edition of the REGAL Students’ Day was held on October 03, 2016 at Palace Royal Hotel, located in Québec City and under the chairmanship of Prof. Houshang Alamdari [Laval University]. The event was organized during the 34th ICSOBA conference & exhibition. During the day, 154 people from academic, industrial and research communities have witnessed the quality of the research conducted within the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL, besides the 220 ICSOBA delegates.

REGAL would like to thank its sponsors who, each year, allow the holding of this event highly appreciated by our students.

Sponsors JER 2016 :

  • Association de l’aluminium du Canada
  • Ministère de l’Économie, la Science et l’Innovation
  • RioTinto
  • Alouette
  • AluQuébec
  • Alcoa
  • Dynamic Concept
  • Hatch
  • Chaire Cimtal
  • Chaire MACE3
  • CMQ

Five (5) students conferences was held :





Student name


Conference title

UL Mahdi Amiriyan Wear and corrosion resistant coatings based on Iron Aluminide composites
UQAC Sena Ozturk* Improvement of the Wettability of Coke by Pitch Using Additives
Polytechnique Claudia Hodonou Manufacturing processes of aircraft aluminum structural parts: environmental analysis
McGill Samantha Rudinsky Characterization of crystallographic properties of Al alloys by diffraction modelling using quantum trajectories
ÉTS Frédéric Bédard / Oussama Chaeib Caractérisation de nouveaux alliages d’aluminium pour applications spatiales

*Mrs Sena Ozturk was awarded the prize for the best JER 2016 conference (1500$).

Seventy-two (72) students posters were presented during the traditional poster contest.

Here are the list of the awarded students:

Prize Winner Institution Title Amount ($)
AAC Xian-Ai Huang UQAC A novel etching process to investigate the structure of carbonized pitch and its interface with coke in carbon anodes 1 000
Alcoa Kirk Fraser UQAC Meshfree prediction of defects in an FSW joint 1 000
Alouette Behzad Majidi UL Vibro-compaction and Cracking in Carbon Anodes 1 000
AluQuébec Nidhal Bouslama UdeS Analysis of   mechanical behavior and development of an inspection approach for hybrid Aluminium-CFRP-Titanium lap joint 1 000
CQRDA Medhi Hedhili UdeS Effect of homogenization regime and Mn on microstructure and electrical conductivity of AA6060 alloys 1 000
Dynamic Concept Xiaoming Qian UQAC Development and Optimization of corrugated sandwich panel 1 000
HATCH Xu Wei UQAC Al-based nanostructured superhydrophobic thin films for the corrosion protection of metals 1 000
Rio Tinto Pierre-Luc Girard UQAC Development and Implementation of a Thermo-Reactive Viscoelastoplastic Constitutive Model for the Simulation of the Anode Baking Process 1 000
Chaire CIMTAL Jiawei Xiong UQAC UV durable superhydrophobic nanocomposite thin films on aluminium 1 000
Chaire MACE3 Simon-Olivier Tremblay UQAC Conceptual study and development of a new anodic assembly 1 000
CURAL Mirza Foisal Ahmed UQAC Effect of welding energy on microstructure and strength of ultrasonic spot welded dissimilar joints of aluminum to steel sheets 1 000
CMQ – Relève Olivier Lacroix UL Technico-economic analysis of a new collector bar geometry 500
REGAL – Axe 1 Csilla Kaszas UQAC Effect of carbon on the behavior of alumina fed into the electrolytic bath 500
REGAL – Axe 2 Pierre Faucheux Polytechnique Simulating peen forming of thin aluminium plates with eigenstrains 500


These 15 prizes are possible thanks to the financial support of our sponsors and volunteer involvement of 26 evaluators.

Thank you to our JER 2016 evaluators:

  • Donald Picard [Université Laval]
  • Nicolas Giguère [CMQ]
  • Alexandre Lamoureux [Hatch]
  • Olivier Dion-Martin [Dynamic Concept]
  • Florence Paray [McGill University]
  • Donald Ziegler [Alcoa]
  • David Levasseur [CMQ]
  • Jean-François Bilodeau [RioTinto]
  • Daniel Larouche [Université Laval]
  • Carl Duchesne [Université Laval]
  • Laszlo Kiss [UQAC]
  • Jacques Internoscia [Association de l’aluminium du Canada]
  • François Audet [Solution Fonderie]
  • Sandor Poncsak [UQAC]
  • Sébastien Guérard [RTA]
  • Jayson Tession [Alcoa]
  • Michel Reverdy [ICSOBA]
  • Caroline Durand [CQRDA]
  • Seyed Mohammad Taghavi [Université Laval]
  • X-Grant Chen [UQAC]
  • Matthieu Arlettaz [Rain Carbon]
  • Alexandre Bois-Brochu [CMQ]
  • Daniel Marceau [UQAC]
  • Ahmed Maslouhi [UdeS]
  • Myriam Brochu [Polytechnique]
  • Mohammad Jahazi [ÉTS]

(C) Photos Christian Desjardins