REGAL Students’ Day 2018

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The 15th edition of the REGAL Students’ Day (JER) took place on June 18 and 19 at McGill University, under the chairmanship of Dr. Florence Paray. The activities of the JER were held as part of the International Conference on Aluminum Alloys ICAA16 (2018).

The JER Poster Competition allowed 53 of our students to compete and 11 of them to receive an award of excellence on behalf of one of the sponsors of the event. The members were then invited to a networking evening where Mr. Vincent Christ, Elysis CEO, came to present the new company. The second day of the JER was reserved for the 6 student conferences and the training offered by Prof. Knut Marthinsen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, entitled Thermomechanical processing of Aluminum Alloys.

During the day, more than 140 people from academic, industrial and research circles witnessed the quality of the research carried out at the Aluminum Research Center – REGAL, in addition to some 500 ICAA delegates.

The Aluminum Research Center – REGAL would like to thank the sponsors who made this event possible:

  • Ministère de l’Économie, la Science et l’Innovation
  • Association de l’aluminium du Canada
  • AluQuébec | CeAl
  • Alouette
  • RioTinto
  • Alcoa
  • Hatch
  • Dienamex
  • Metra aluminium
  • SAFI
  • CMQ

Six (6) Student Conferences were presented:

Polytechnique Alexis Nossovitch  Anti-microbial anodized aluminum to prevent legionella in cooling towers Prix AAC Meilleure conférence
McGill Frédéric Voisard  Low Energy EELS Analysis of Aluminium Alloys
ÉTS  Mohsen Marani-Barzani  Machinability and mechanical properties of Al-Mg2Si in-situ composite with bismuth or barium
UL Pierre Heugue Evaluation of the interfacial mobility of precipitates in Al-Cu cast alloys by calorimetric kinetic analysis
UdeS Mohamad Idriss Phenomenological study of the influence of the work-hardening type in the case of Instrumented Indentation and formability Nakazima tests
UQAC Farid Redouane Zirconium-based thin films for the corrosion protection of aluminum

Fifty-three (53) student posters were presented at the poster competition. Here is the list of JER 2018 poster award recipients:

Award Poster title
Alcoa Hadi Ghazanfari Comparative study on the wear behavior of Fe3Al-based HVOF coatings reinforced with in-situ and ex-situ TiC particles
Alouette Xiaoming Qian Effect of cooling rate and Mn on the Mg2Si precipitation during homogenization cooling of AA6060 alloys
AluQuébec Jose Alberto Muniz Lerma New Approaches to Characterize Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing Applications: A Case Study on Aluminum Alloys
CRITM Simon-Olivier Tremblay in situ Investigation of Current Distribution in the Anode
CQRDA Louis Simoneau Tensile Properties and Microstructural Characterization of entirely built vs. repaired A357 specimens made by Directed Energy Deposition
Metra aluminium Olivier Lacroix Technico-economic analysis of cast iron free cylindrical collector bars with copper inserts
RioTinto Mohamed-Larbi Sentissi Review of vibration based VHCF testing methodologies
SAFI Nicolas Wawrzyniak Evaluating tensile properties and microstructure of an AlSi10Mg aluminium alloy manufactured by laser power bed fusion, using digital image correlation method
Axe 1 – Hatch Mohammad Kavand A Full Mass Transfer Model For Gasification Reactions Of Carbon Anodes
Axe 2 – Dienamex Léo Richard Mechanical caracterisation of low thickness FSWed dissimilar plates made of AA2198-T3 and AA2024-T3
Relève CMQ Jonathan Alarie Experimental measurement of alumina dissolution behavior


The awarding of these prizes is possible thanks to the financial support of our sponsors and the involvement of 21 evaluators. Thanks to our JER 2018 evaluators:

  • Nick Parson | RioTinto
  • Francis Breton | Rio Tinto
  • Jean-François Bilodeau | RioTinto
  • Patrice Tremblay | RioTinto
  • Caroline Durand | CQRDA
  • David Prud’homme | AluQuébec
  • Richard Menini | CNRC
  • Donald Ziegler | Alcoa
  • Jayson Tessier | Alcoa
  • Ahcène Bourihane | CRITM
  • Andre Felipe Schneider | Hatch
  • Daniel Larouche | UL
  • Augustin Gakwaya | UL
  • Yasar Kocaefe | UQAC
  • Sandor Poncsak | UQAC
  • Christian Mascle | Polytechnique
  • Frédérick Gosselin | Polytechnique
  • Ahmed Maslouhi | UdeS
  • Fouad Atmani | ÉTS
  • Chi-Cong Nguyen | ÉTS
  • David Levasseur | CMQ