REGAL Students’ Day – JER2015

Conferences Innovation Research Students

The REGAL Students’ Day was held on November 11, 2015, at UQAC. 142 people from academic, industrial and research communities have witnessed the quality of the research conducted within the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL.

66 students took part in the traditional scientific poster contest. The REGAL would like to thank its sponsors who, each year, allow the holding of this event highly appreciated by our students.

Here is the list of recipients of the JER2015:

Award Association Aluminium Canada: Philippe Hendrickx, McGill (Recyclability assessment of Al 7075 chips processed by cold comminution and spark plasma sintering)

Award Alcoa: Jean-Denis Brassard, UQAC (Surface d’aluminium nanostructuré enduite de RTV-silicone et ses propriétés glaciphobes et anti-corrosion soumise à un environnement marin)

Award Alouette: Meltem Kilic, UQAC, (Combined Hydrodesulfurization and Calcination of High Sulfur Petroleum Coke for Carbon Anode Production)

Award AluQuébec: Xian-Ai Huang, UQAC, (Structural characterization of carbon anode materials by two different techniques)

Award CQRDA : Senlin Cui, McGill (Étude expérimentale et modélisation thermodynamique du système Al-Cr-Mg)

Award Dynamic Concept: Bamidele Akinrinlola, McGill (Grain Growth During SPS Consolidation of Cryomilled Al-Mg Alloy Powders)

Award Hatch: Asem Hussein, UL (Charcoal, an alternative raw material for anode production)

Award Rio Tinto: Lukas Dion, UQAC (Développement d’un modèle prédictif des émissions de CF4 issue d’une cuve d’électrolyse sous conditions d’effet anodique à bas voltage)

Award Chaire CIMTAL: Jian Kin, UQAC (Hot deformation behavior and workability of Al-B4C composites containing Sc and Zr)

Award Chaire CURAL: Ying Lu, UQAC (Study of the Wetting of Coke by Pitch)

Award Chaire MACE3: Alix de Pannemaecker, EPM (Identification du facteur d’intensité seuil pour différents rapports de charge R: du fretting fatigue aux essais fatigue C(T))

Award Chaire de recherche en transformation de l’aluminium : Ogeday Rodop, McGill (Phase Selection in an Al-Mg-Si Extrusion Alloy: Thermodynamic Calculations)

Award axis 1: Csilla Kaszás, UQAC (Conditions of flotation of alumina agglomerates on the bath-metal interface)

Award axis 2: Lanfeng Jin, UQAC (Effect of Mo on the microstructure and microhardness of 319 foundry alloy)

Award best conference: Sébastien Bolduc, UQAC (Mesure de la capacité de refroidissement de l’eau appliquée à la coulée semi-continue de l’aluminium)