The 2014 edition of the Encyclopedia of research on aluminum in Quebec is online!

Research Students

Get informed of the latest developments related to this unique material that Quebec is one of the world’s largest producers! 

Created by the members of the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL, this encyclopedia offers an overview of the research made in the field of aluminum in Quebec. Consult the encyclopedia.

The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL in brief:

REGAL is a leader in research on aluminum. The Centre brings together 36 researchers spread across 6 universities and 1 college. These researchers guide 130 students through their research on aluminum.

The REGAL also relies on the expertise of its 37 official collaborators.

REGAL’s researchers work with several companies across the province of Quebec and are attentive to the R & D needs of the industry.

Their several international partnerships also contribute in making radiate the Centre and its expertise across the world.