Three new research contracts for REGAL

Innovation Research
Researchers from Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL recently signed three research contracts on a use of aluminium deck in the artwork. These projects involve Pr. Annan, Fafard, and Guillot besides of 3 Master students. Two of these projects aim to develop a method to create a mixed action aluminium deck / steel beam for the construction of bridges in Quebec, in a Nordic context. The objective of the third project is to develop a bridge entirely in aluminium, which that would be produced in plant and assembled on the site.
Note also that the Centre and the REGAL-Laval are financing a student whose the research project is on « blind » chear connections. Likewise, through FRQNT, CRSNG, and SNC-Lavalin, a student having a BMP scholarship is working on the conception principle of an aluminium deck for the replacement of wood or concrete deck on a steel beam.