Visit of Norsk Hydro

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On February 11th and 12th, the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL hosted representatives from Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian multinational operating throughout the aluminum value chain. Their visit was part of a tour organized by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, with the objective of putting them in contact with various organizations in Quebec related to aluminum.

Mr. Johannes Aalbu, Vice-President and Head of Technology Development, and Mr. Hans Erik Vatne, Chief Technology Officer, were received at two REGAL institutions. On the one hand, at the Quebec Metallurgy Center, the discussions between the parties focused on the development of alloys and additive manufacturing. On the other hand, during their passage at Laval University, they had the opportunity to hear a presentation on how REGAL works and on the research done in connection with aluminum used in infrastructures (bridges).

Exchanges with various international actors related to the aluminum field is a priority for the Aluminium Research Center – REGAL. Indeed, creating links with these stakeholders is an important action for the centre, which helps to increase its influence and consequently, to consolidate the position of Quebec on the international aluminum scene, which is one of the objectives of the Québec’s Aluminium Development Strategy.

00_NorskHydro_mario 00_NorskHydro_photo de groupe

Credit photo : Gouvernement du Québec