8th International Conference on Electrodes for Primary Aluminium Smelters

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The future is now – Innovation and new technologies
of electrodes and support services for primary aluminium smelters

The International Conference, ICESS, focuses on Electrodes and support services for primary aluminium smelters. Since 2001, about 830 people have attended the conference, with delegates coming from 15-20 countries. The focus of the conference always includes new developments, automation, increasing productivity, environmental issues, as well as prospects and challenges in the aluminium industry.

Conference in Egilsstadir

The 8th ICESS conference will be held 13. – 14. May 2020 in a new location, Egilsstaðir in east Iceland (, about 40 minutes from the Alcoa Fjardaal smelter (

Automation in focus

Emphasis will be on Automation in aluminium smelter operations. New possibilities are becoming viable because of rapid development of sensors and Artificial Intelligence, including self-driving vehicles. This development presents opportunities to increase productivity of smelter operations. Implementation of these new options will be addressed and discussed.
During the conference, delegates will have opportunity to visit the Alcoa Fjardaal smelter in scenic Reydarfjordur. Other notable places within reach from Egilsstadir are Kárahnjúkar hydropower plant and Hálslón reservoir at Kárahnjúkar dam.
When available, details of the conference programme will be posted at this web site. It is expected that registration will be opened here in January 2020.