Aluminium India 2017


The rationale for organising such an exhibition are as follows :

  • Increasing manufacturing and construction activities in India has put the aluminium industry under the spotlight and hence the urgent need for an exclusive platform.
  • Increasing emphasis placed by organizations on both strength and flexibility of materials has given a clear edge to aluminium. This has accentuated the need to have an aluminium exhibition.
  • Increased spending in various relevant sectors like automotive and construction has resulted in a renewed focus on applicationS of aluminium and its advantages. Hence the need to have an exhibition where both technologies and knowledge would be shared.
  • The lack of good forums where the latest industry trends could be seen and discussed directly with manufacturers and suppliers. This shortcoming can be mitigated only through a proper aluminium show.
  • To have a holistic platform consisting of both an international exhibition and conference which would bring together, all the stakeholders, like manufacturers, distributors, end-users, fabricators, academicians and consultants.