Invitation to a thesis defense: François Chevarin


Relation entre les propriétés physico-chimiques de l’anode en carbone et sa vitesse de réaction sous CO2

François Chevarin 
Director: Pr. Houshang Alamdari
Co-director : Mario Fafard



In the Hall-Héroult process, the carbon anodes are consumed by electrolysis reaction of alumina at 960 °C and also by air and CO2 gas reactions. The anode-gas reactions cause an overconsumption of the anodes and lead to dusting phenomenon. This research project focuses on the understanding of anode reactivity at 960 °C under CO2. In order to reveal the mechanism of the CO2 reactivity of anodes, the present study was divided into three main sections; studying the CO2 reactivity of anode and its constituents for small particles (under chemical regime) and for large particles, and determining the active pore size during this over-consumption. The innovative results of this project could reveal the essential parameters controlling the CO2 reactivity of anodes and proposed a possible source of dusting phenomenon.