Financial aid for REGAL members

Regular membership of the Aluminum Research Centre – REGAL allows a researcher to benefit from certain advantages, including accessibility to various REGAL funds.

Internal REGAL Funds

International Relations Committee Fund

Increasing the international REGAL visibility

Budget : 10 000 $

Context : Funded projects must have a collective impact for all REGAL members.

Financing conditions:

  • the project must be aligned with the research themes of REGAL
  • the project must be carried out within the budget year
  • the project leader must demonstrate the potential of the rapid establishment of co-supervision and the potential for rapid co-publication
  • the projets leader must demonstrate the international researcher’s wish to join the Centre as a collaborator member
  • the work should be presented to the following JER
  • Asset : the participation of more than one REGAL member in this project

Call of projects: contact the responsible

Projects submitted will be evaluated by the International Relations Committee, which will then make a recommendation to the BDR.

Person in charge : Nicolas Giguère

Examples of funded projects:

Three international conferences were held/will be held in Province of Quebec through the efforts of REGAL members who have obtained funding from this fund :

Scientific Articles Writing Fund

Support for the writing of a scientific article

Budget : 9 000$

Distribution of the budget between the REGAL institutions: in proportion to the number of REGAL regular members and students.

Context : The funds allocated through this fund must be used to improve the quality of the  language of a scientific article (edition, traduction).

Conditions :

Call of projects: anytime from April 1st of the current budget year, please contact your institutional coordinator about that.

Examples of funded projects: soon.

Equipment Committee Fund

Support to CRSNG-OIR grant applications

Budget : 20 000$ (2 x 10 000$)

Context : This amount is made available to REGAL researchers for the purchase of equipment that will be accessible to all REGAL members. This grant is a complementary support to an NSERC-OIR (or OIRA for college) application. Each institution may submit only one application.

In addition to the scientific justification, the application must also demonstrate the accessibility of the equipment to other REGAL members and discuss the equipment usage fee (same rate for all).

Call of projets: completed

Person in charge: Nicolas Giguère

Examples of funded projects:

  • Support to Sofiene Amira : Support at the application of the CMQ for the acquisition of an environmental chambre for cyclic tests and an alternative immersion test machine as part of the collège and community innovation program – Applied Research Tools and Instruments (OIRA) grants [Budget 2016-2017]
  • Support to Martin Lévesque : Support at the application of the professor Lévesque for the acquisition of a VIC-3D Stereo Microscope Measurement System (a.k.a., ‘VIC-3D Micro’)’ Correlated Solutions, which is a 3D image correlation system associated with a microscope [Budget 2016-2017]

Scientific Committee Fund

Context : The REGAL Scientific Committee finances collaborative projets between its members.

Person in charge: Daniel Marceau

Call of projects: completed

Exemples de projets financés :

Fabrication et réparation de pièces d’aluminium 356 par fabrication additive via déposition de matière par énergie dirigée
Person in charge: Carl Blais
Others REGAL members involved: Nicolas Giguère, Alexandre Bois-Brochu
Funding: complement of a master’s scholarship

Usinage à haute vitesse, à sec/semi-sec, des alliages d’aluminium
Person in charge : Victor Songmene
Others REGAL members involved: Mohammad Jahazi
Funding: complement of a PhD’s scholarship

Infrastructure Support

Budget 2019-2020 : 194 288$

Context: The money is distributed among the REGAL institutions in order to offer partial financial support to research infrastructures (professional salaries and technicians).

Distribution of the budget between the institutions REGAL: in proportion to the number of REGAL regular members and students.

REGAL Students Fund

Each year, REGAL awards more than 120 000$ in scholarships and financial assistance to its students supervised by two regular members.

 REGAL Students Fund

 International Internship Program


FRQNT Programme exchange outside Quebec for professors

The FRQNT Programme d’échanges hors Québec de professors is intended to promote the international and interprovincial mobility of professors whose research activities are part of the scientific programming of the strategic clusters funded by the FRQNT. The program is an additional tool available to strategic groupings to strengthen their international action through established or developing research projets or partnerships.

The contest is closed.

 Informations & form

 Rules of the program (only in French)

Government Programs for International Partnerships