REGAL Students’ Day !

REGAL Students’ Day is an annual rendez-vous where students have the opportunity to present their research results to all REGAL members, in addition to industrial guests.

REGAL Students’ Day is a unique opportunity for students, researchers, professionals, technicians, professors and industrials to meet, discuss and share their knowledge of aluminium. The event is usually held in one of the 7 members institutions of REGAL. Some associations with large-scale and/or international events have also been done in the past, including COM in 2011, CIAC in 2013, ICSOBA in 2016 and ICAA in 2018 !

The JER is an event that is constantly evolving, both in form and content :
– 6 student conferences (1/institution)
– Formations on a theme related to aluminium
– Posters session (65 in average)
– Networking lunch