REGAL Students’ Day | JER2019

SAVE THE DATE : October 8-9, 2019 at Université Laval

REGAL Students’ Day is a unique opportunity for students, researchers, professionals, technicians, professors and industrials to meet, discuss and share their knowledge of aluminium. The event is usually held in one of the 7 members institutions of REGAL. Some associations with large-scale and/or international events have also been done in the past, including COM in 2011, CIAC in 2013, ICSOBA in 2016 and ICAA in 2018 !

The JER is an event that is constantly evolving, both in form and content :
– 6 student conferences (1/institution)
– 1 guest speaker
– 1 posters session (65 in average)
– Networking lunch
– Formation on a theme related to aluminium

JER Schedule

JER Student Conferences


JER Posters




Networking activity


JER Students Poster Competition

Promotional poster

Thank you to our sponsors

The contribution of the sponsors to the JER is invaluable. First, manu prizes ares awarded from the sponsorship money. The prizes are awarded to many who stand out for the quality of their work. Also, the sponsorship allow to cover various expenses related to the organization of the event, thus making the registration free (but mandatory!).

If you wish to fund the event, please refer to our visibility plan for sponsors and contact the REGAL’s direction.

ALUMINIUM Sponsors | > 5000$

ALUMINA Sponsors | 2000 to 4999 $

BAUXITE Sponsors | 500 to 1999 $