REGAL Graduates

Each year many students graduate (MSc / PhD) after they pass through a team affiliated with REGAL. To recognize the efforts made ​​to advance the science, this section is for them.

Below, graduates of the current year (2021).


Guillaume Rollo
2019-01 – 2021-05
Directeur: Marc Oudjene (UL)
Co-directeur: Mario Fafard (UL)
Caractérisation et modélisation d’assemblages légers hybrides bois-aluminium

Luiz Felipe Leitao Martins
2018-01 – 2021-04
Directrice: Myriam Brochu (POLY)
Co-directeur: Mathieu Brochu (MGU)
Comportement en fatigue vibratoire des alliages d’aluminium produits par fabrication additive


Chen, Bowen
2014/09 – 2021/04
Directeur: Mario Fafard (UL)
Co-directeur: Houshang Alamdari (UL)
Modeling of the Thermo-Chemo-Poromechanical Properties of a Carbon Anode During theBaking Process

Post-doctoral fellows