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REGAL Graduates

Each year many students graduate (MSc / PhD) after they pass through a team affiliated with REGAL. To recognize the efforts made ​​to advance the science, this section is for them.

Below, graduates of the current year (2019).


Mathieu Allyson-Cyr
2016-05 – 2019-02
Supervisor : Louis Gosselin (UL)
Développement d’une enveloppe intelligente aux cuves d’électrolyse pour la récupération de chaleur

Mingyang Chen
2016-09 – 2019-02
Supervisor : Mathieu Brochu (McGill)
Repair of AM parts

Flavio Peter Weinstein Silva
2016-09 – 2019-02
Supervisor : Mathieu Brochu (McGill)
Finite Element Analysis of part produced by 3D printing

Anil Arici
2016-05 – 2019-04
Supervisor : XG Chen
Development of Al-Si Alloys for High Pressure Die Casting


Mahdi Amiriyan
2012-01 – 2019-02
Supervisor : Houshang Alamdari (UL)
Co-supervisor : Carl Blais (UL)
Development of Iron Aluminide Coatings Reinforced with Hard Ceramic Particles for Wear Resistant Applications

Csilla Katinka Kaszas
2013-06 – 2019-03
Supervisor : Laszlo Kiss (UQAC)
Co-supervisor : Sandor Poncsak (UQAC)
Alumina dissolution

Post-doctoral fellows