Formation – Use of aluminium in the maritime sector

September 26 2017 | Polytechnique Montréal


1. Introduction
2. Great principles of naval architecture
3. Short history of shipbuilding with aluminium
4. Aluminium shades and assembly processes
5. Standards and regulations
6. Various projects using aluminium for fast catamarans
7. « CATATUG » Project
8. Handling and Cutting
9. Elongation (upper liner deck)
10. Manufacturing environment on site (presence of steel, cleanliness)
11. Recycling
12. Future (electric propulsion, lighweight structures, sandwich construction with honeycomb, aluminium for interior parts)


Réjean Desgagnés, naval architect | Multimer inc.
Réjean Desgagnés is a naval architect, graduated from the Maritime Institute of Quebec and has a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Michigan in 1978. Born into a seafaring family, he worked on commercial vessels and ships of the Coast Guard as a sailor. Mr. Desgagnés founded in 1987 the company Desgagnés Naval Concept inc, which is a firm of naval architecture and marine engineering.

Bruno Leclerc, project engineer | Groupe Océan
After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Bruno Leclerc continued his studies while holding various positions related to engineering in various fields. His determination and his passion for this science lead him to obtain a PhD in mechanical engineering from UdeS. He has been a project engineer at Groupe Océan since 2010.

Credits photo : Christian Desjardins

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