Spécialité d’équipement Camera

ARAMIS 3D strain mapping system

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  • The ARAMIS system offers 3D deformation measurement, in the form of distributions on the surface of solids of varying size, from several centimeters to the order of several meters. These results complement the temperature mapping of solid components by the infrared camera and aid in the development and validation of mathematical models related to the development of an “intelligent cell.”

HD infrared camera

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  • Flir Systems, model SC-6000
  • Scientific-grade infrared camera with a high spatial and temporal resolution, permitting study of the surface temperature patterns on solid composites such as the electrolysis bath under different thermal and mechanical loads.
  • The resolution and the precision of the camera are assured by a combination of optoelectronic solutions and by a system for image analysis/evaluation.

High temperature camera

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  • This equipment allows for the improvement of the coke calclination process used in anode fabrication.
  • Observation of a flame produced by a combustion system.
  • The camera includes lenses and a cooling system.

PCO 2000 high resolution camera

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  • Resolution: 2048 x 2048 pixels.
  • Rate of 14.7 fps at full image resolution.
  • Image storage in the camera (camRAM up to 4 GB).
  • Standard computer interfaces (FireWire, camera linkage, GigE / USB 2.0).

Optikon model pco.1200hs highspeed camera

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  • System for analysis of particle dynamics for measurement of bubble size distribution, analysis of interaction mechanisms between bubbles, bubble coalescence, bubble movement, and bubble growth at formation sites.
  • The variation of bubble shape is important for understanding the  deformation of liquid-gas interfaces during bubble trapping under anodes.


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