Catégorie d’équipement Mechanical properties

Presse biaxiale

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Presse biaxiale d’une capacité de 100 kN et 1kN.m incluant logiciels de mécanique de la rupture et un four à induction HF

Presse 200 kN

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Presse instron modèle 1333(200kN) équipé d’un contrôleur Instron 880 et d’un logiciels de mécanique de la rupture

Particle dynamics system

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  • Model Dantec PDA200
  • The PDA system is the only noninvasive method for experimental measurement of two-phase flow under the anode of the electrolysis cell. It uses laser light and an optoelectronic system linked with computer systems.

MTS-810 forging simulator

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  • Press simulating certain forging conditions with a 250 kN capacity and a speed of 2 m/s.
  • Its furnace can reach 600 °C.
  • Includes a computer system and Flextest software for programming the acquisition-control in static or dynamic modes.

CRIMS press

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  • For high temperature compression testing of carbon-based materials.
  • 100 kN capacity, with three-zone furnace.


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