Catégorie d’équipement Physical and chemical analysis

Thermobalance with FTIR interface

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  • Carbolite TZF (1500 °C) and Carbolite ONE TVS (1200 °C) thermobalance measuring mass loss as a function of time and temperature.
  • It permits the recupration of volatile evolved H2 and CH4, and the determination of the quantity of tar in carbon-based materials.

UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer

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  • This apparatus serves to measure the light absorption in aqueous solutions for the spectral domain where the specific absorption of solvents vary between 200 – 1700 nm.
  • This permits quantification of a certain number of solutes which exhibit a specific absorption in this domain, or which modify the absorption bands of water due to O-H bonding.

SMPS spectrometer

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  • Model TSI-3936NL86
  • Permits concentration measurement of nanoparticles as a function of the electrical-mobility diameter and the particle aerodynamic diameter.

Horiba Lab-RAM ARAMIS Raman spectrometer

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  • This device serves to identify and assay solute concentrations that are not detectable by optical absorption due to excessive solvent absorption.
  • The specific IR frequencies of vibrations of these molecules (carbonates, oxalates, etc.) modulate the laser frequencies in the visible spectrum and become detectable in the transparency domain of the solutions.


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