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REGAL Students Day 2020

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The 17th edition of the REGAL Student Day (JER) took place on November 5 and 6 via a virtual platform in response to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First of all, the Aluminum Research Centre – REGAL would like to thank its generous sponsors. Over the past few years, the JER has been growing at breakneck speed, becoming an increasingly popular event on the aluminum scene! Thanks to AAFC, AluQuébec | CeAl, Alcoa, Alouette, Centre de Métallurgie du Québec (CMQ), CQRDA, CRITM, Elysis, Hatch, ICSOBA, Metra Aluminium, Nespresso, Rio Tinto and Foundry Solutions.

The first day of activity was reserved for student conferences and posters. More than 150 participants were present to hear our graduate students highlight their research work: 6 shared their knowledge via a lecture and 56 others did so in the form of a scientific poster. In recognition of excellence, the JER Poster Competition provided 13 students with an award of excellence, all presented on behalf of one of the event’s sponsors. Of particular note is the participation of 24 reviewers, without whom the excellence of the students could not have been recognized.

The second day of activities consisted of a 5-part training session, where more than 130 people benefited from the knowledge of various experts in different fields. These experts came from the academic and industrial spheres: Monika Paape-Miyoshi (ÉTS), Lyès Hacini (AluQuébec|cela), Danick Gallant (NRC), Mansoor Barati Sedeh (University of Toronto) and Ferdinand Tchounkeu (Nespresso).

In addition, participants were invited to virtual networking events where student/researcher/industry exchanges were promoted.

Recipient of the award for the best 2020 conference: Luiz Felipe Leitao Martins (POLY)

Recipients of the JER 2020 Poster Grand Prix:
1st place: Chin Chieh Cheng (McGill)
2nd position ex aequo: Mohamed Qassem (UQAC) and Daniel Rodigues (UL)
3rd position: Peng Hu

JER 2020 Poster Award recipients: Zhen Li (McGill), Jovid Rakhmonov (UQAC), Marzieh Nodeh (UdeS), Olivier Lacroix (UL), Richard Naud (UdeS), Luiz Felipe Leitao Martins (POLY), Mahmoud Osman (McGill) and Ali Elashery (UQAC).

Our evaluators : Guillaume D’Amours (NRC_CTA), Michelle Adams (RioTinto), Julien Lauzon-Gauthier (Alcoa), Ramzi Ishak (Alcoa), Daniel Richard (Hatch), Erik Houle (CeAl-AluQuébec), François Audet (SF Solutions), Richard Menini (NRC), Mohammed Amraoui (SOVAR), Carl Duchesne (UL), Mario Fafard (UL), Kun Liu (UQAC), Khaled Ragab (UQAC), Duygu Kocaefe (UQAC), Daniel Marceau (UQAC), Lyne St-Georges (UQAC), Lukas Dion (UQAC), Mathieu Brochu (McGill), Paul Provencher (POLY), Charles-Philippe Lamarche (UdeS), Nicolas Giguère (CMQ) and Julie Lévesque (CMQ).

REGAL welcomes Norwegian trainees

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The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL is pleased to welcome two Norwegian trainees under the framework of the Norwegian-Canadian Partnership in Research and Education on Primary Production of Aluminium (CaNAl) which is concretely a collaboration between REGAL and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

Mrs Lene Jensberg Hansen, MSc student, is visiting the laboratory of Pr. Houshang Alamdari and is working on the rheological characterization of the anode paste, used in manufacturing of carbon anodes for aluminium industry. 

Mr Trond Brandvik, PhD student, is visiting the laboratory of Pr. Louis Gosselin and is working on a project consisting to building a model of a refractory wall, containing the experimental knowledge of densification and describing the refractory behavior during thermal cycling of carbon anodes. 

The latter joint the REGAL-Laval troops for a period of 4 months while the Canado-Norwegian partnership will last 3 years. During the period, other exchanges are on the program to allow students on each side of the Atlantic to benefit from the expertise developed in REGAL and NTNU. In this regard, a summer school has already been held on the Norwegian side in August 2018 and it is expected that the second will be held at Laval University on next October 7 and 8.

Formation REGAL

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On September 26, the Aluminum Research Center – REGAL organized an intensive 3-hour training course on the use of aluminum in the maritime domain. This training dealt with the main principles of naval architecture, shipbuilding incorporating aluminum and the presentation of a case study. Mr. Réjean Desgagnés and Mr. Bruno Leclerc were the presenters of this training.

Details of the event and photos are available on the event’s web page.

Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, the Aluminum Research Center – REGAL was able to offer this training free of charge to its members.



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