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New REGAL’s director

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The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL is pleased to announce that Prof. Houshang Alamdari took office as REGAL’s director, since January 2019. He takes over from Pr. Mario Fafard, who has announced his retirement.

Supported by the management team, a scientific committee and a coordinator, Pr. Alamdari will ensure the general direction of REGAL in accordance with the guidelines defined in the statutes of the centre.

Prof. Alamdari holds a PhD in engineering of metallurgy and dedicates all his research work to aluminium material. He is a REGAL member since 2008 and he has been on the management team for 5 years. His appointment as director was naturally recommended.

The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL takes this opportunity to warmly thank Prof. Fafard for his invaluable contribution to the development of the organization. The latter not only ensued the direction of the center but was also one of the founders.

About the Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL

The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL is a consortium of researchers established in Quebec (Canada). Research at REGAL focuses on the primary production of aluminium up to its use in the design and development of finished products. REGAL creates collaborations and synergy between researchers from six universities and one college, as well as with companies and several socio-economic players involved in the aluminium industry.

Aluminium concerted action FRQNT : 3 projects

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Three projects were selected as part of the Programme de recherche en partenariat sur la production et la transformation de l’aluminium (first competition). REGAL is proud of the participation of these members in these projects. The FRQNT has recently launched the second program competition (information).

Development of anodized aluminum surfaces with biocidal properties
Responsible : X-Grant Chen (REGAL-UQAC)
Collaborators : D. Sarkar (REGAL-UQAC), G. Soucy (UdeS) & N. Faucheux (UdeS)
Press release (only in French)

Structural optimization in the use of aluminum for road bridges
Responsible : Charles-Darwin Annan (REGAL-UL)
Collaborators : M. Fafard (REGAL-UL) & S. Amira (REGAL-CTR)
Press release (only in French)

Modeling, optimization and automation of shot blasting of aluminum aircraft wing liners
Responsible : Frédérick Gosselin (EPM)
Collaborators : Martin Lévesque (REGAL-EPM) and others
Press release (only in French)

REGAL on social media

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The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL  now owns a Facebook page! Join the group to be keep in touch of the latest news from the Center and news related to the aluminum industry. In addition, REGAL has a Twitter account for 2 years already!


REGAL joined Twitter

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The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL is now present on the social network Twitter. This initiative will first allow us to stay abreast of news on Al and also publish relevant information to our members and the entire community of Al. You can join our network via @REGAL_aluminium.

Budget 2015: good news for the Al

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The Government of Quebec announced yesterday via the Budget 2015 an investment of $ 32.5 million over 3 years to increase the transformation of Al in the province. This investment will include promoting the use of Al products, for example in public procurement and facilitate access to this metal, including through support for processors in their purchasing practices. Download here an extract of the budget related to Al (in French only).

In this context, the Québec Strategy aluminum development will be announced soon. It will seek to put in place an enabling environment for the transformation of Al in Quebec, to ensure the competitiveness of companies in the industry and strengthen the entire Quebec industry.

The Aluminium Research Centre – REGAL wishes to actively collaborate on actions to be taken!


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