Manifestez votre intérêt: formations métaux léger (Université d’Auckland)


L’Université d’Auckland souhaite connaître votre intérêt à participer à l’un des deux cours qu’elle pourrait offrir dans les prochains mois.

Deux périodes sont pressenties pour offrir ces cours soit:

-fin novembre 2015

-fin février 2016.

Si vous êtes intéressé à prendre part à l’une de ces formations, veuillez écrire un courriel à l’adresse : ( en mentionnant quel cours vous intéresse et quelle période vous conviendrait le mieux pour y assister.

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology (accredited)

The 3 week Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology aims to teach advanced concepts in chemical and materials engineering specific to light metals reduction technology, especially aluminium. The programme content draws on recent advances in technology and leading edge research and uses experts from academia and industry as lecturers and tutors. It covers the complete process of aluminium production from raw materials to final products, with a practical and plant-based focus. The programme features a mix of lecturers, assignments, projects, tests and field trips which have all been designed to promote a better understanding of smelting fundamentals and practices. The postgraduate certificate is a University of Auckland accredited programme and therefore participants will receive a recognised University qualification upon successful completion.

  1. Industry Training in Light Metals Reduction Technology (not accredited)

Along with the postgraduate certificate programme, we are also offering Industry Training in Light Metals Reduction Technology. The industry training programme and postgraduate certificate programme are run together to allow classes with more diverse student backgrounds and experience. Both programmes cover the same lecture material, however, participants enrolled in the industry training programme will not be required to complete any post-course assignments. The industry training programme is NOT an accredited University of Auckland programme and therefore, participants of the industry training programme will not receive a recognised University qualification. With the industry training not being a University of Auckland accredited programme, participants are not required to fulfil the same academic background requirement as that required for entry to the postgraduate certificate. The industry training is therefore designed for all people in the aluminium smelting industry who wish to improve their fundamental and practical knowledge of the process.